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Wooden Buildings vs Metal Buildings

Sometimes customers need more information on what the difference is between a wooden-constructed building and a metal building.  In this post, we'll outline the pros and cons of both options. Wooden Buildings Pros: Wooden buildings are framed and built just like a house.  We use 2” x 4”s framed at 16” on center.  Most of our buildings are made from premium studs or #2 selects.  This allows you to be able to hang shelving and attach workbenches and not compromise the structural integrity of the load-bearing walls. The siding is so tough you could break your leg trying to kick a hole in the siding. You can repaint the exterior siding whenever and in whatever [...]


Site Preparation (Ground Prep)

You have completed your research and made the final decision that Quality Storage Buildings has the best price for the quality of materials used to manufacture the building you selected.  Now you need to plan and prepare for your new building.  This great article can assist you in placement tips https://qsbuildings.com/best-locations-for-your-shed/ For preparing your site, please understand the following points:   For starters, we need a clear access way to the site you want the building set.  If we are not building this onsite, we will need at least 1’ on each side of the building to get it from the road to where you want it placed.  If this is being placed in a backyard that is fenced [...]

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2021 End of the Year Review

First, we would like to thank God and our loyal customers for providing the orders we fulfilled and delivered.  It’s been a pleasure working with you and even though these uncertain times we were able to meet our customers' expectations and fulfill them in a timely manner.  Even with the unsteady building materials market and the rising costs from COVID and other factors, we planned and strategized and never ran out of inventory or had a shortage of products to meet our customers' needs. We added Run in Sheds and Run in Sheds with Tack Rooms.  Some may also call them loafing sheds or horse barns.  This addition was added to meet our customers' needs for safe affordable [...]


Why do we charge for an on-site constructed building?

Some customers have asked us why there is a charge to construct a building at their home as opposed to at our lot. Typically, we build our buildings in Itasca, Texas in a thoughtfully designed and carefully laid out workshop. All tools, materials, and manpower are known, visible, and ready at a moment’s notice. No matter what is presented to the manufacturing shop for construction, everything necessary is easily accessible, ready, and available. With this set up, we can construct anywhere from one to a dozen or more buildings simultaneously. The number is dependent on the size of the orders released to production at that time. Our fabricators are cross trained and can assist in work areas that need assistance to [...]

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