Site Preparation

Preparing Your Site for Shed Delivery

Now that you have selected your storage building, it’s time to plan and prepare your site for your new building. Follow these site preparation tips to ensure your building will last and work best for your needs.

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Building Base Options

Blocking Only

Once you have the location marked, we will level the building over the grass/dirt location.  We will use patio paver blocks and pressure-treated shims to level your building right on the ground.  We will assure that your building is leveled and every 8’ under each 4” x 6” pressure-treated beam. You can landscape around the perimeter, but you do not want the base to be airtight with this base.

Stone Base

You will need to contact a local gravel yard and have 4” to 6” thick crushed gravel placed about 2’ wider than your building. For example, if your building is 16’ x 40; the pad should be 18’ x 42’. Creating the stone base will give us a perfectly level pad to place your building on top of.  With this base you do not want it to be airtight but you can landscape around the perimeter.

Stone Base with Blocks

Once you have the gravel base set, we will place blocks every 8’ under each 4” x 6” runner to give the building more height off the ground. This will allow access for plumbing & electrical access under your building. We do not recommend heights over 2’ from the ground nor do we recommend landscaping airtight up to the base.

Cement Pad

You will contact a contractor to lay a permanent cement pad that we can then build directly on top of as the floor of your building. The pad must be the exact size of your building ordered, and it must be a perfect square or rectangle. The pad must be at least 4″ above ground on all sides and 100% level. Our crew needs at least 3′ all around the pad for the building to be constructed.

Site Considerations

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding on the right base including the natural elements, the desired use of the building, and the location of the site. If the ground in the specified area gets wet during a storm and dries out quickly, then a block foundation should be fine. If you have a lot of rain runoff or sandy soil, then a gravel base or cement pad might be a better option.

Ask Our Building Experts What Base Option Will Work Best for Your Site

In order to have a building that will last, you will want to select the best option for you, your building, and what works best for the location this will be at.

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