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Since 1996 we’ve been designing and constructing the highest quality portable storage sheds, lofted sheds, portable cabins, and portable garages in Texas. We’ve eliminated the middle-man by selling directly to the public.

Portable Storage Buildings – Waxahachie, TX

Manufacturer and Retailer Since 1996
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Quality Storage Buildings is a family-owned and operated manufacturer and retailer of portable storage buildings, sheds, and cabins. Our location is in Itasca, TX and this is where our manufacturing facility is, as well as our retail display yard where we have models available for purchase and immediate delivery to your location in or near Waxahachie, TX.

We are craftsmen, therefore we use our skills and the highest quality materials to produce the highest quality portable storage buildings available anywhere.

We believe in taking the additional step. What that means is that we like to go beyond the standard that everyone else is doing and give you the very best. The best materials, the best techniques, and the best craftsmanship in a portable storage building that will last for many, many years without worry. Come by and see for yourself!

Our Customers Love Us

Because We Deliver Exactly What We Promise To Deliver


Our portable buildings are of the highest quality available anywhere and we do our best to make sure that they are affordable too!

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We offer free delivery up to the first 150 miles. When you get a free quote, we will confirm any extra delivery fees that may apply.

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Use our 3D Shed Builder to create the perfect portable building for your specific needs.

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If you’re not completely delighted with your new shed, please let us know and we’ll make every effort to put a smile on your face!

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Choose From Our Wide
Selection Of Styles In Portable

LOFTED BARN – This model adds storage space due to it’s unique roof and built in loft to put things up and out of the way. A very popular portable storage building because of the extra storage space but still maintaining a small footprint. Check them out RIGHT HERE.

ELITE LOFTED BARN – This is the same as the Lofted Barn, but we are adding some additional strength to its construction and some aesthetic enhancements to make this portable storage building even more attractive.  Our most popular portable building ever! Check them out RIGHT HERE.

GARDEN SHED – A traditionally styled portable storage building and one of the most popular designs. It offers lots of versatility in an attractive package, suited for storage, crafting, workshops and more. Check them out RIGHT HERE.

ELITE GARDEN SHED – Our Elite Garden Shed takes the traditional design and makes if better by adding more strength and features, like shutters and more. Check them out RIGHT HERE.

UTILITY SHED– Plain and simple describes this portable storage building, so if you are more of a minimalist, this may be the best choice for you. It comes with 6′ wide double doors and if you want to add anything else, just let us know! Check out these sheds RIGHT HERE.

PORTABLE CABINS – Welcome to our versions of the “Tiny House”. These units are portable storage buildings that are suited for people to live in, either as a weekend place or full-time residence, they are attractive and affordable! Check out our cabins RIGHT HERE.

PORTABLE GARAGE – If you need to get your vehicle inside, we have the solution for you. No foundation is necessary as they come with a reinforced floor, ready to roll your vehicle onto. Check out our line of garages RIGHT HERE.


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Benefits of a Portable Storage
Building in Waxahachie

Portable storage building have a unique number of flexibility’s. First of all, they are completely portable, meaning that we deliver it completely built to your location. They can be moved, anytime. If you find that your building needs to be relocated, either on your own property or to a new property, it’s not a problem. Relocating on your own property, even inside and through a garden gate isn’t a problem. We’ve got an amazing and powerful tool that we call our “little mule” and it fits through the gate, can pick up the building and move it very easily to wherever suits you best. It’s affordable, so if we can help you with this, let us know.

If you’re moving the portable storage building to another property, we’ll most likely use both the “little mule” and our transport trailer and truck. We’ll need some room to get the building over onto the trailer, but other than that, moving isn’t a problem.

Our portable buildings are also flexible in that they can be customized to your needs and liking. Storage buildings can be converted into craft rooms, workshops, sewing rooms, buildings to sell your wares, tack rooms, lunch rooms, living and or sleeping quarters. We build the strongest and highest quality portable storage buildings, sheds, barns and cabins available but from our pricing, you might be fooled. We’ve also got the most competitive pricing available anywhere!

Maybe you’ve got some land for hunting on, maybe there’s a good fishing hole or a great place to just enjoy God’s creation and you just need somewhere to spend the night, cook a meal and relax. Portable Storage Buildings may be what you’re in need of? You can get a cabin that’s just like a tiny home, or purchase a shed and customize it so you’ll be comfortable.

Let’s talk about affordability. You can’t beat the price and you can’t build it for yourself anywhere near as good for the money. Maybe you’ve been throwing money away each month on a rental storage unit and are just plain tired of that. We’ve got a super affordable “Rent-To-Own” program and allows you to participate with no credit check, make a low monthly payment with a large portion of that payment going to ownership of the building. WOW, you can actually stop the bleeding of cash each month and own your storage unit! Just want financing? We’ve got you covered there as well and we also take credit cards as well as good old U.S. dollars.

We offer FREE DELIVERY within 150 miles of our manufacturing facility and have the ability to place it where you need it (in most cases).

We also offer the service of relocating your existing portable storage building or portable shed. Our equipment can usually fit through some narrow areas and your building can be lifted and moved to its new location. We’ve even done something as simple as turning the building so that the doors face a different side. Let us know if we can help you.

Many people are paying a monthly fee to rent a storage unit for their things and we’ve got a perfect solution if you’re one of those folks. We can offer you a Rent-To-Own option where instead of watching your money disappear each month with a storage unit, you can have a sizable portion applied to ownership of a portable storage building. The second benefit is that your storage building is right on your property for easy access.

Shed Purchasing Options For
Waxahachie Customers

We have various payment options. We accept cash as well as most credit cards AND, we have financing options available to you. Payment plans of 12, 24, 36, and 48 months are available with interest rates between 9% and 18%, If you want more details visit our financing page. We also have a fantastic RENT-TO-OWN Program with no credit check and instant qualification.

Family-owned and operated, our name and reputation are attached to each and everything that we build. This means that you can rest assured that every single portable storage building, shed, barn, garage, cottage, cabin, ramp or set of shelves will be built properly. Over the years, we’ve seen some of the products that our competitors have sold, and we’ve seen them after they been in use for a couple of years and it can be shocking. We’ve seen them short-cut things but using inferior materials in both dimension and type. We’ve seen how those materials deteriorate in the elements and cause what was a nice building, to fall apart, piece by piece. You’ll not need to be concerned about this happening with our buildings. We build strong and we build to last and we can’t wait to show you our quality differences!

Portable Storage Buildings are a great solution for many problems. They allow you to keep your home and garage free of clutter by getting those items into a designated space that’s safe, dry, and out of the weather. They’re a great place to store camping gear and other outdoor sports gear. They work well as an extended living area for crafts, hobbies, and more. If properly outfitted and finished they can also be living quarters for guests or a permanent residence. So many uses for these very flexible buildings. One of the best parts is that you can move them! If you want to relocate it on your own property or you plan to move, you can take your building or buildings with you.


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Storage Buildings!

Quality Storage Buildings is a family owned and operated manufacturer and retailer of portable storage buildings, sheds and cabins. Our location is in Itasca.


So why would you want a “pre-made”, portable storage building?

Well for one thing, you eliminate lots of hassles of building on site. You’re fighting the elements, rain, wind, heat and cold. You’ll most likely build out of square and plumb meaning that you’ll have a hard time fitting the siding, windows and doors. It’s just plain difficult to build on site unless you’re a professional.

The second challenge is the time needed to complete your project. Let’s face it, you’re a busy person and the time required to build is precious. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?

Your location. Let’s say you build it yourself and a few years from now you decide that you would have been better off with the building in a different location on your property, but now you’re stuck. With a building designed and built to be portable, you can move it to a different location or even sell the entire building if you don’t need it anymore. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to use our equipment to relocate your building for a small fee.

You’ve never considered a portable garage, have you? Why not… they work just as well as a permanent garage and much better than a carport garage. They are designed and engineered to be extremely strong and last for many, many years of daily use. Portable garages are great for cars, pickup trucks, boats, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, and more and they give you the space that you need to get everything inside with a larger door than a comparable shed or barn.

If you’re considering a storage building, cabin, or garage, you really need to put some strong thought into purchasing one of our portable buildings. It’s going to save you time and in the long run, it’s actually going to save you money too! We’re professionals and we build in a controlled environment where everything is square and plumb. Materials are high quality and nothing is missing, the buildings are sealed and they look amazing on your property.

It takes a skilled craftsman to construct a building that is as strong and durable as our portable buildings. We deliver to a wide area including Waxahachie, TX and surrounds towns. Our buildings are everywhere and our customers come back again and again. They also refer us to their friends and relatives who are in need of our buildings.

Areas We Serve

We service a radius of around 200 miles and this includes Waxahachie, TX

If you don’t see your town listed here, just ask us if we deliver to yours?  As always, we offer FREE DELIVERY within 150 miles of our portable storage building manufacturing facility, mileage over that will be quoted and charged per mile.

We’re looking forward to seeing you so come on by and take a look at our full line of portable storage buildings and choose the best one for your particular needs!