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Working from home, but not in the home!

If you are fortunate to be able to work from home, make sure you create the best space for you to be as productive as possible. A home office within your house might not be the best situation for accomplishing tasks. A home office might seem appealing, but normal life within the home can sometimes cause distractions that take away from getting your workload completed, and it also may take away space that could be better utilized by you and your family. A great alternative is to an in-home office is an at-home office built by Quality Storage Building that gets placed in your yard. No morning or evening commutes. Just a casual walk into your yard is all it [...]

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Why Quality Storage Buildings?

Quality is not just a word we placed at the beginning of our company name. Quality is a virtue we strive to interject into all aspects of our lives. Whether it is business or personal life, we desirer to relate in our world as Christ would have us to. That means providing an excellent product at a fair and affordable price with an attitude of service. We are grateful for the talents and gifts we have been given and have committed them back to the Lord for His use. If you research for a building at other companies, you will see that not all the specifications listed give a fair account for what you will receive for your future building investment. [...]

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Best Locations For Your Shed

When prepping your site, deciding on building placement is particularly important. Careful thought should be given to how your building would best be situated in your yard. First of all, you’ll want to be sure you are following local codes or HOA rules and regulations. Another consideration to keep in mind is the direction the prevailing winds generally flow, so you won’t have the doors blowing in on you when you are trying to enter and exit the building. The desired area should also be relatively level, and it should be away from heavily shaded areas, so it dries out quickly after rain storms. It would be a good idea to take a look around to see if there’s any over-reaching [...]

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