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Top Shed Styles You Can Use to to Build Your Small House

Are you ready to turn your small house dreams into reality? We have curated a selection of shed styles that will not only add charm and functionality to your space but also serve as the perfect foundation for your small house project. Whether you envision a cozy cottage or a modern minimalist retreat, these shed styles will provide the ideal starting point for your creative journey.

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Gable Cabin with Porch

The classic gable roofing style lends a timeless charm to this cabin, transforming it into an enchanting abode that can be cherished for weekends or a lifetime. Explore our range of options to customize this cabin and create the perfect home for you.

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Lofted Cabin Shell with Porch

Lofted cabins offer exceptional versatility, spacious interiors, and affordability, making them an ideal choice for a tiny home. With the right finishes, these cabins can transform into a stunning abode, perfect for weekend getaways or permanent living.

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Dormer Cabin

This cabin is a dream for those who crave natural light and spacious high ceilings! No wasted square footage on a front porch, maximizing interior space. Visually appealing and affordable. The interior is a blank canvas for you to create the perfect retreat.

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Corner Porch Cabin

This cabin is perfect for individuals who want a convenient space to leave their muddy shoes outside. With a well-designed front porch, the portable cabin style is affordable and the interior is immaculate, ready for your personal touch to customize it to your desired style.

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Great staff, “built” my shed online and it was built onsite by a great crew in less than a day. Gorgeous building, sturdy! Easy transaction- never even had to see a salesman!

Ursula W.

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