When prepping your site, deciding on building placement is particularly important. Careful thought should be given to how your building would best be situated in your yard.

First of all, you’ll want to be sure you are following local codes or HOA rules and regulations. Another consideration to keep in mind is the direction the prevailing winds generally flow, so you won’t have the doors blowing in on you when you are trying to enter and exit the building. The desired area should also be relatively level, and it should be away from heavily shaded areas, so it dries out quickly after rain storms. It would be a good idea to take a look around to see if there’s any over-reaching tree branches or broken limbs that need to be removed before they interfere with your building’s placement or create a falling hazard.

The location you choose to place your new building in should also make its function more attainable. If it was intended for general storage, you might want it to place it close to the house, so you have a shorter distance to carry heavy objects. If your goal was to create a relaxing man cave or she-shed, you might want it a little further back to give you some much needed quiet or space.

Your neighborhood situation may impact your decision as well. Strategic placement near a border may provide your yard with some welcome privacy, but keeping it away from a neighbor’s border may allow you to stay clear of noise you don’t want to be next to – especially if you’re going out to read, paint, or relax. Then again, it may be the other way around where your decision should be based on being a great neighbor yourself. If you’re using your structure for a workshop, placing it further from neighbors is a considerate plan and will help you to avoid noise complaints coming from tools such as saws or hammers.

Site preparation decisions are also key to great planning for your new Quality Storage Building. Our buildings are built just like a home, and just like your house, it’s vital to have a firm foundation. We will block and level each structure every 8’ under the 4”x6” pressure treated runners to assure that the building is level. This service is performed for free for each customer in their relatively flat and cleaned yard area.

Another option is for you to place your building on a crushed stone base (square or rectangular, at least 12” wider than the building). The margin prevents mud from splashing up on your building when it rains, as the water will hit the stones not the soil. We recommend #2 Crusher Run Gravel, because it can be placed on top of the ground, it packs down like a concrete base, and allows next to no settling – properly draining water flow away from your building. You can keep the gravel from spreading into your yard by placing landscaping blocks around the edges or framing it within a 4”x4” or a 6”x6” pressure treated frame. The stone base also allows air flow under your building which is excellent for overall building soundness and siding longevity.

We’re hoping these points to ponder will help you decide on a great location for your new Quality Storage Building, so you can prevent any potential issues down the road and get the most use and enjoyment out of it for many years to come.